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Rattan Furniture

Rattan Furniture

Today ‘Rattan Furniture’ refers to furniture made from not only Rattan but other natural materials like Water Reed, Sea Grass, Cane, Rush, Willow & Banana Leaf.

Most of Ascot’s Rattan furniture is available in a choice of 6 rich natural textures: Twisted Blond Banana Leaf, Twisted Honey Banana Leaf, Woven & Platted Water Reed, Polished Natural Rattan & Washed Rattan.

Rattan furniture materials are natural products and as such each piece has its own individual, unique qualities. When stained there will be slight differences in hue and color; this is part of the beauty of owning a product made from Nature. Ascot’s Rattan furniture requires no maintenance aside from an occasional vacuuming or light hosing to get rid of house dust.

Rattan furniture making began in Indonesia where its craftsmanship has been passed on from one generation to another over the centuries. The craft later expanded to China & Japan, but Indonesia is still the place where the best and most varied Rattan is made. That is why Ascot has all its Rattan made there.

Rattan has been used for millennia to make many tools for fishing, planting, harvesting as well as bring used for the construction of homes and furniture. An early piece of Rattan has been found was in Egypt and dated back to 1400 BC. In the late 1800’s, when Rattan and wicker materials became more readily available, the popularity of Rattan furnishings became more widespread.

For thousands of years Rattan furnishings have occupied an important place in our hearts and homes. For those who desire to experience the ambiance of Nature inside our homes Ascot’s Rattan is the ‘natural choice’ for casual living.